Distribution of Singaporean Cultural Places over Space and Time

This webpage demonstrates interactive online maps of the distributions of cultural sites in Singapore over space and time. This is an ongoing project.




  • Click  on the upper left corner of the map to turn on or off the layers, and enable a range of historical maps/点击地图左上角图标打开或关闭图层,以及查看一系列新加坡历史地图。
  • Click  on the upper right corner of the map to close the legend box to have larger display space/点击地图左上角  图标关闭图例框, 以获得更大地图展示空间。
  • Find the full list of temple names here./点击此处查看完整庙宇列表;
  • Find the full list of gods here./点击此处查看完整主神列表; 
  • Find the full list of origins here./点击此处查看完整原籍地列表
  • Click here to display the map in fullscreen./点击此处全屏查看地图。