Singapore Historical GIS
Singapore Historical GIS

Indoor Temple 360° Views/庙宇室内三维全景

Yueh Hai Ching Temple/粤海清庙

This work seeks to explore the feasibility of creating a digital archive of heritage sites in the form of photospheres using a spatial database created on a panorama software — EasyPano. Through our case studies of Yueh Hai Ching Temple and Fuk Tak Chi Museum, we aim to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using panorama technology to digitally document heritage sites. Although panorama technology has its own limitations and constraints, this paper argues that digital spatial database created on panorama softwares are more suitable than traditional GIS database in documenting heritage sites in an immersive and semantically-enriched way. This can be attributed to panoramic software’s capabilities of creating 3D virtual tours that immerses users into the setting and layout of the site, allowing them to visualise the heritage site as if they were there. We will also highlight several limitations encountered during the study and propose alternative design practice and choices that future research can consider. These alternative suggestions underscore the point that the design of a heritage preservation project is ultimately contingent upon its project goals and objectives. Click here to read more.


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Tampines Chinese Temple/淡滨尼联合宫

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Check out the journal article here for the details about generating the virtual tour.