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Singapore Historical GIS

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Individual temple relocation/庙宇逐一迁移情况

We are interested in finding out the history of every Chinese temple in Singapore. We have been gathering information regarding each temple’s original location, the year it took root in Singapore and the various sites that it was relocated to. Please find your interested temple below to see its locations throughout history. Many temples have relocated several times. We are also interested in finding out the driving factors behind the relocations. Temple relocation maps will be added continuously.


(1) Sze Hock Keng Tua Peh Kong Association; (2) Yu Huang Gong (Singapore Taoist Mission); (3) Kong Chow Wui Koon; (4) Che Hian Khor Moral Uplifting Society; (5) Guang Fu Gong; (6) Lian Feng Si; (7) Xie He Gong; (8) Qi Tian Tan Temple; (9) Chung Hong Siang Tng; (10) Wu Tai Shan Buddhist Temple; (11) Chee Ghee Deang; (12) Chiang Chin Meow; (13) Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission; (14) Kai Kok Tian; (15) Long Shan Ting;